An exceptional and exclusive

L’Origine des Sens is your wine cellar in Ellezelles, Ath. Quality, flavour and exclusivity are our watchwords. Step inside and you enter into a timeless wine showcase. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, choose from tailored wine tastings or one of our available packages.

The poetry of wine

In our wine cellar:

Analyze the robe, its depth and intensity
Seek out the aromas, smell the bouquet
Feel the sensation of the wine turning in the glass
Be transported by the music
Taste the masterpieces of true artisans

Our philosophy

Tasting wine doesn’t just mean drinking it. Tasting involves our sight, smell and taste. For L’Origine des Sens, a glass of wine is a true testimonial that showcases the technique and captures a terroir. We’re convinced that wine was designed as a source of wellbeing. Discover that sensation in our tasting room, which is totally devoted to sensory pleasure.

Wine enhances life. That’s a view shared enthusiastically by Andy Verbeken, the founder of L’Origine des Sens. Interested in the restaurant trade and hospitality in general, he chose Ter Duinen Hospitality School in Koksijde for his introduction to the industry. Over his four years of study, he discovered his preference for good service and his passion for oenology and wine production.

Following extensive training in Belgium and abroad, Andy decided to create a specialist cellar by collecting unique wines whilst continuing to explore the world of oenology. Meeting his wife Bianca was a decisive moment. Realizing that family life would be incompatible with his work as a sommelier, Andy chose love. As Pascal Blaise said, "the heart has a mind of its own." Andy realized that being a wine merchant was his vocation. That led to the emergence of a wine business unlike any other: going back to basics and rediscovering sensory pleasure by showcasing the history and work of the grape grower, wine producer and seller.

In April 2018, Andy decided to open his own business: L’Origine des Sens. A store with a welcoming tasting room, accessible to everyone who is curious and loves the finer things in life as well as to restaurateurs and companies. At L’Origine des Sens, the choice of products is determined more by the taste than the cost. Andy has visited all the chosen estates, tried all their wines, witnessed the grape growers’ passion and experienced their philosophy. Therefore, he was able to choose them not based on the supposed prestige of their appellation or vintage, but on their quality, price/pleasure ratio, history and tradition.

Find out more

Visit L’Origine des Sens and be inspired by the products’ superior quality. Try them here or book your wine tasting at home. Share the sensory pleasure and discover an exceptional showcase in Ellezelles (Ath). Contact your wine cellar today. You can reach us by email or phone.

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